vendredi 19 juillet 2019

A change in tide by Freya Barker

Back cover 

What impact would it have when everything suddenly faded to black?

For Mia, a crowded subway ride changes her entire life. Retreating to the wilderness helps her cope with a world that is suddenly too loud, too turbulent.
Her existence safely contained to the small cottage on the lake, she is unprepared for the neighbor that moves across the bay

A career-ending injury has Jared permanently benched. His reputation as The Enforcer won’t survive the unanticipated responsibilities awaiting him.
Away from the public eye, he adjust to his new reality, under the quiet observation of the intriguing hermit on the other side of the water.

My review 

This is the first book I read about this author and not the last. I wanted to know more about the person who organized Romancing the Falls and I ended up getting her entire Northern lights trilogy. The cover and Mia’story caught my attention. When I learned she had social anxiety, I related to her. Often my dream is to leave everything and spent the rest of my life in a cottage with a dog.

It took me some times to enter in the story. Once I learned about the characters, I got attached to them and the action make me wanted to finish reading it. The romance between Mia and Jared is breath taking because they take the time to know each other and it’s not a love at the first sight. I can feel the tension between them and Jared is helping her with her anxiety. He could just give up on her no matter how many times she tries to keep her distance, but he stays with her. 

The only thing I dislikes was the first scene when Mia saw Jared doing it with another woman. I understand it was because he was getting the heroine attention, but I think it was not necessary. I also got attached to Jordy, Jared'sister. She has a great sense of humor and bring light into the book. It’s a great and poignant story about finding yourself. I recommend it to everyone who wants to read awesome romance.


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