lundi 10 septembre 2018

The Wild wolf's wife by Mandy Rosko

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Jolie is her own wolf, and when the alpha decides on her behalf that she’s going to mate with someone she absolutely despises...
Nope..Not happening.

Unfortunately, as an omega in the pack, she doesn’t have the power to decline, but there’s one man who can help her. The rightful alpha of the pack, banished when he was a child and Jolie’s true mate.
Now she has to find him, find Liam, living in the wild and convince him to take his rightful place in the pack. 

Liam was a child when his parents were murdered and he was stripped of his rightful place in the pack. He could have moved on, he didn’t. He couldn’t bring himself to be far from his mate. Jolie didn’t need him then, but she needs him now, and heads will roll before he allows his woman to be thrust into the arms of another wolf.


Until I read Bitten by Kelley Armstrong, I was not into shape shifter’ stories , but after I decided to give them a chance. The Wild Wolf’s Wife is the second book, I read with werewolves and I want to keep reading that type of story. I liked the relationship between Liam and Jolie, even though I wished I could know them more. Jolie is a strong female character and it convince me to get through the book and Liam is the perfect rebel. 

The three stories all together is only 238 pages, it did not that long before I finished it. It’s a really good page turner with a lot of action, but I wish the author put more details. I could see the two main characters were in love, but because of the fast paced, I did not see the relation growing.

The author did a great job describing Dempsey, the wolf Jolie did not want to be with. Even though, he had his reasons, I never liked him and I think it was the perfect antagonist for the story. I couldn’t put the book down when I was reading the fight scenes between him and Liam. I was on team L all along and hopes that he would take his place back in the pack. 

If you like werewolves’ stories with lot of actions, I recommend you to read it. You won’t be disappointed. 

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